Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today was not my day - Part 2

Thank you for expressing concerns about that post. I meant to finish typing that it wasn't my day to snowboard, but my hands were frozen and I gave up trying to finish up that post while I was sitting out in the freezing cold.

Long story short, I ate it pretty badly on my last run. I don't quite remember the fall itself, but according to D I had somersaulted on my way down the hill. And in the midst of falling my goggles and headband flew off, 15 feet away, and stupidly I had removed my board (which was pictured in my last post) to grab my fallen articles, which slid and crashed into the lift area. Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed and awfully distraught while being yelled at by a Bear Mountain employee when I went to go retrieve my board from her.

Not to mention it took us 4 hours to get down the damn mountain since the 330 highway was closed, and most Californians are ill prepared to drive in snowy conditions. I think we saw over 30 cars pulled over because they either didn't have chains or they were afraid to proceed down the mountain in such treacherous road conditions.

And I didn't realize the injuries I sustained from that fall until I showered that night. Thanks to my mother's ancient Chinese mojo home remedies (Chinese cupping) and D's miracle patches, I'm able to move my neck and speak normally again even though I still smell like an old Chinese grandmama. I'm pretty sure that pungent icy hot patch smell is gonna linger for a while, so I'm currently mapping out new ways to avoid coming in close contact with my coworkers and boss.

After much deliberation, I've decided to break up with snowboarding and D's not too happy about my decision. But, hey, I'm the one who's smelling yucky from the aftermath, not him.

/ rant. Okay maybe it won't be a permanent break up since I love my board too much to give it up, taking breaks in between runs and drinking beer on top of the mountain while basking in the gorgeous view, and eating shit in the powder snow. :)

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