Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Robotic Love.

I frickin' love robots.
source // amazon

source // amazon

I initially spotted this on Amazon a few months ago but was reluctant to spend $120 bucks on it, considering it's only 500GB and I can easily find a 1TB for that price or lower. However, the robot design is an Amazon exclusive which made me want it more! To my surprise when I was browsing thru Amazon the other nite (I frickin' love Amazon, too!), I found the same external hard drive for 58% off! I didn't actually order it until this morning since I get free two-day shipping, I wanted to make sure it arrives on Friday so I'll be here at work for my order to come in. Yayyyy :D

I can't stress enough of the importance of backing up on a regular basis. I'm always paranoid that my computers will crash, as I've seen real experiences from family members and friends. I always make it a habit to back up every so often, and I save all my school related documents on thumb drives so it'll be easier to access when I'm on campus or at home.

If you're in the market for a new external drive, you should definitely check out this LE Amazon exclusive robot design from Western Digital external hard drive. An 500GB external drive for $50 is definitely a steal. You should hurry though, this offer expires on December 19th!


Kalmo said...

Woah thanks for the heads up on this sale! I remember when electronics were so expensive for so little space, now you can get 500Gb for $50 is amazing.

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